Sustainable Products

Plastic waste old bottles recycleWe help your Company achieve future Legislation Obligations with our Post Consumer HDPE resins so that you produce sustainable, recyclable and recycled products, saving natural resources on a cleaner industry. Your products will be part of the Circular Economy.

Using state art patented technology in our two strategically situated locations, we distribute our products quickly and efficiently no matter where you are. Suminco is a recognized superior quality supplier of recycled HDPE postconsumer resins.
As a result, our customers are between the most important multinational leaders in their industries, building relations not between supplier and customer but between partners. Our sustainable recycled HDPE products will help you:

• Increase your product sustainability records uses
• Decrease your production of greenhouse gases compared to virgin resins
• Certify that your product contains an important part of recycled material. Our material is 100% post-consumer HDPE

When you buy recycled plastic instead of prime, it is important to know that you are helping in the preservation of the environment since

• Every kilogram of high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic diverted from landfill represents 1.4 liters of petrol that does not require for its processing
• Recycled HDPE uses 47% less energy than for the production of virgin material and produces 24% less Carbon footprint.

Use recycled HDPE and you will be part of the closed loop!