SUMINCO, S.A. is a family-owned company with more than 35 years of experience in the plastics business, and specialized in the production of HDPE plastic compounds of an excellent quality.

Our 25 tons batches are absolutely homogeneous and are ideal for the production of corrugated pipes for sewage and drainage waters and other types of special pipes.

The continuous demand of our products and the acceptance by our customers, is the best proof of the high quality achieved in our production process.

We are present in the main world markets because of our high capacity installed of 50.000 metric tons per year in our two production sites, strategically situated in Barcelona (15 kms from sea port) and in the center-north of Spain, at 200kms from Madrid. The standardization and specialization of our products, allows us to reduce the delivery time of our products to our customers. This is an important saving for our customers in their stock investment in their warehouses. Our warehouses are your warehouses.

The continuous investment in forming our people, new technologies and techniques of production are a guarantee of our success and our customer’s success.

The secret of our success: The Homogeneous High Quality of our pellets and accomplishing with our compromises and long term partnership with our customers creating win to win businesses.